Auxiliary propulsion System

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Jun 11, 2017
Hello all, my first post......

Looking to do some long distance cruising in my 60 tonne, 65'

boat, and trying to work out the best way to provide an

emergency back up propulsion system, for my 6 L3B Gardner.

The Gardner is in great condition and incredibly reliable, but I have a belt and braces approach where safety is concerned.

I have considered an

-electric drive ( outboard barge type drive)

-dual outboards on my 17' aluminium skiff

-smaller diesel as a donkey engine above the prop shaft.

They all have pros and cons. but, I prefer an external system that will work even if the prop/gearbox or shaft is compromised.

Sail power is not possible, as I have no room for a mast.

I have 4 kw of solar panels on my cabin top, and around

3000 ah of AGM battery storage.

Looking to the brains trust for possible solutions, and better ideas than mine.

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