Anybody else get that "twinge"....?

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Aug 31, 2017
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I was driving home from the cube-farm yesterday :banghead::banghead: and just over the horizon there was a dark, somewhat menacing, thunderhead building.

For a split-second I thought to myself, "Oh, I'd better check around the boat and see if anything needs to be tied down or tended-to before that hits." A second later I came back to reality and grasped that, no, I am in my car driving and it doesn't matter a hill of beans whether a thunderstorm comes through or not.:mad:

I realized at that moment that I really ENJOY being forced to change my routine or perform tasks just based on changes in the weather. There was that brief "twinge" in my gut when I first saw that cloud that made me pause, think a bit, possibly having to change my plans --- and I felt "in sync" with my surroundings. This is one of the many things I really love about boating when I am out on the water.

Anyone else experience the "twinge"?
We're in New England and haul and shrinkwrap the boat from from Oct. - May. Despite this, when I ask my wife what the weather will be doing on a particular day, I still get wind speed and direction in the summary. Even if its Feb.

All winter long we have a odd inside joke. When bad weather is forecast we joke "Yuck, today will not be a good boating day".
After a lifetime of boating and going to sea with the USCG (23 years) and Sea Tow (14 years) and often going into harms way rather than avoiding it....I twinge at almost everything.

Then again I get cold chills when I think of falling off a bike and getting road rash.... :)

Thankfully training and experience have blocked panic for the most part.

Not that things scare me, but if I had hair, it would be permanently standing up on my neck. I know how quickly things go from staus quo to disaster.
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