Anchoring Oak Bay WA

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Apr 9, 2008
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sunchaser V
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DeFever 48 (sold)
We are headed from Sidney to Gig Harbor. Any thoughts from TF members regarding anchoring in Oak Bay just south of the Port Townsend Canal?
That's pretty exposed. Much better anchorages a little further south in Matts Matts Bay or Port Ludlow.
I've seen boats anchored there along the Indian Island shore. Depending on conditions, it shouldn't be a problem. Mats Mats Bay is a good anchorage but is fairly small and a wee bit tricky to enter. Port Ludlow is a very good and easy place to anchor, with tons of room. And we can wave to you from our slip!
Good info, thanks guys. Should be there about 5ish Darren, I'll wave and take a dinghy ride if its not raining.
"take a dinghy ride if it's not raining"

Didn't learn anything in Alaska?
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