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Apr 7, 2015
Yep, never thought I'd be one of the sail to steam sorts but here we are beginning our search for a Trawler. We are liveaboard boaters in Central America and can no longer ignore the huge benefits to living on a trawler like platform. But so many things to learn. Hull shapes / single screw vs. twin / up galley vs down galley. etc. I'll be doing alot of reading over the next few months and picking your brains as well.
Haha.. Welcome aboard! Many many of us have been down this road. There's much good info in past threads, search around and ask away.
Welcome aboard! We moved from sail to power and it's great. You'll find all kinds of info here and lots and lots of opinions... just like sailing forums!
Mark Pierce should be along soon to show you that one does not need to abandon sails masts and such to enjoy the dark side. Welcome
Welcome to the Dark Side!

Best of luck in you're search.

Here's an old favorite of mine:

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