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Talking you are all correct!!!

First off, you guys are great!!!! the advice is awesome. Let me answer the questions you all have posed.

We believe we want a trawler for its stability and ability to tackle the eastern portion of the loop from Michigan down the Erie and east coast. We have done the Mississippi from MN to the gulf already years back. Are sights are on the Bahamas and Caribbean as daytime piloting and looking for economical fuel burn. All around champ.

We are considering mid 80 Taiwanese trawlers for their affordability, large selection, and mostly thicker hulls.

We are planning to relocate to Florida in two years for retirement and live aboard the vessel, we may love it or hate it. 6 month trial then take it from there. So the wife is in charge of the interior specs.

We are looking at big belly CHB's, slimmer Jefferson's, and carvers. We like the covered aft decks and do not know the difference between these models and their ability in open ocean sea worthiness, god forbid we ever get caught in weather because my wife didn't check the weather report ahead of time .

We think we need a draft of 4.5 or less to gain access to most marinas and anchorage points in the Bahamas and the Islands.

We believe we can do what we want conservatively in the vessels mentioned. We truly love the GB, Alexanders, and Albins and would prefer these vessels but they are hard to find with fresh water history and affordability is not their for us. Thoughts?
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