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Welcome, Congrats on the Monk 36 purchase. We bought our 2003 in Nov 2008 and have really enjoyed the time we have spent on her. We bought her in Annapolis and brought her down the coast to Fl then across Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico up to to Louisiana were we live. We have made quite a few trips to FL including to the Keys. They are fine boats!
There are a few more Monk 36 owners on this forum too.

There is a Monk Owners Association group you can find the website at :

It is quite a large group there are Rendezvous held in Maryland and in the PNW yearly, there is a fee to join the group but not expensive. There are quite a few owners with lots of expertise and eager to help others with any questions.
I am not sure just which 3 digit number you are referring to, the serial number is stamped into the fiberglass on the transom the complete Hull Identification Number in my case is: NSY36230K203 My boat was the 230th Monk 36 built. It was completed in 2003, NSY was the builder, 36 the model, 230 the hull number, K203 the year completed. Amongst the owners the boat name and hull number are used to identify the boat in my case: Gumbo, #230
If you have any questions let me know here or email stwillett at
Steve W.
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