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My 34 AT came with one bilge pump in the tank room (shaft seal area). The ER drains into the tank room.
Not being a pessimist, I added 1 in the stateroom bilge (anchor locker drains there), one in the ER (all the below water line holes are there) and one in the aft lazarette, incase the rudder seal leaks. That gives me a total of 4, including the existing pump in the tank room.
Also added a bilge pump counter, high water alarm connected to a fire bell, to get my attention.

So far, the AT has always had dry bilges. They are dusty and dirty because "things", and tools alway seek the lowest possible level and prone to hide under things.

Now if I were a real pessimist, I'd never buy a boat.
The meek will inherit the earth but, the brave will inherit the seas.
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