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Originally Posted by koliver View Post
Hold on!
If you consider 70 too old to sail, it is definitely too old to be a newby in a trawler. There are so many different systems to learn, so many maintenance items to go wrong, so many differences in the dehaviour of the boat to scare the heck out of a newby.. Don't do it. Keep your sailboat. You go just as fast. You are used to the boat, you know all the systems. If you have trouble hoisting the sails, get an 18v Milwaulkee drill with a 1" winch handle sized bit and up they go. Unless your 70 yrs suffers from dimentia, sail is still a great way to go, but don't cause a complete halt to your boating by taking on a new challenge that you are not up for.
He said he was 70, not that he was dead! And he doesn't have a sailboat, he doesn't currently have a boat at all.

I disagree with your advice. He is an experienced boater, just not with a trawler. A trawler is pretty similar to a sailboat that's operating under power, not sail. The "systems" are the same and there's nothing "scary" about a trawler that's different from a sailboat.

It's actually very common for sailors to transition to trawlers as they get to the point in life where operating a sailboat becomes difficult physically.
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