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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
See, sometimes the Forum works depite a few members negative thinking.

While DSC alerts havent bugged me, WX alerts have and simply learning how to disable or silence it was a simple trip to the manual or forum.
Be nice if that were the case, but it's not. The Icom manual devotes 30% of its pages to DSC operation with nary a word on how to disable or diminish the alarm, because that capability doesn't exist. My guess is that the Coast Guard, who is responsible for this cluster thought it inappropriate to allow users any control over how their radios function.

The other functions for DSC you mentioned with regard to messaging between vessels do exist, but are a solution in search of a problem. In exchange for pressing about 10 buttons I can avoid picking up the receiver and hailing another vessel? In the history of boating, how many have ever used this capability? Just curious, but have you? Incidentally, if you want to see how simple it is to replace the cumbersome process of hailing another vessel with the microphone with a simple 10 step process of pressing buttons, Icom has this video to show you how to do it:

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