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Almost there

Donít know where there is, but I know Iím close.

So, after 368 days, 6,000 nautical miles, 11,000 km, 1360 gallons of fuel, which cost $4,990, baby Dauntless is finally getting a new pair of shoes.

Well, really not shoes, more like little wings, which will fly thru the water, and because of a whole bunch of stuff like physics, vectors and stuff like that, along with some great boat guys, Dauntless has paravane stabilizers.

Pictures will follow, as well as the complete installation description with running data.

Also, being able to run to Hopcarís store, Hopkins Carter Marine, all of 30 SECONDS from boat to nut and bolt aisle, has made this installation go much easier and quicker.

Iím worried that I may never be able to work on my boat again, what, you want me to walk down the quarter mile dock, to the parking lot and get in the car and drive to some store across town, which may or may not have what I need. No thanks, I think I will just stay here.

Having been waiting to get underway for weeks, I now have to get the boat ready tomorrow, so I can leave Saturday for Stuart, Fl. Winds are forecast to be ESE at about 15 knots, which usually creates waves of about 3 feet plus or minus a foot, and they will be right on my beam, so I will have a nice test.

These are the conditions that we have encountered often and while pretty benign, itís a bit uncomfortable and makes for a long day.

That will be my sea trial. Itís not a complicated system. I have faith.

Now, I think I'll buy an anchor anyone have an opinion

Just Jokingabout the opinionsbeen there; Done that
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