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Originally Posted by rslifkin View Post
The Smartplugs are definitely good hardware. And for boats with 30A connections, I'd consider them a very, very good upgrade. The 30A NEMA L5-30 connectors aren't adequate for the abuse they take in a marine installation. However, the 50A 125V and 50A 125/250V connectors (NEMA SS-1 and SS-2) are much, much heavier duty and generally perform well unless damaged. For these applications, the Smartplug is less of an upgrade.
I am using the 50 amp cord. Melted three at the plug-positive prong. Last incident started to burn the wood liner on my steel boat (which probably saved me). My boat was designed to run on two 50's but my dock only has one 50 amp plug. This could be part of the problem.
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