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looks like Canada cancelled all nexus appointments

Originally Posted by Slowmo View Post
While asking if you have firearms or ammo aboard is within their rights, the questions about whether you own firearms, have training, or a concealed carry permit in the US seems downright creepy. What possible business is it of Canada what you do solely in the USA? This has some deeply disturbing overtones and one assumes they're sharing data with and getting data from the US. I assume that they're aware that criminals don't permit weapons and would lie anyway.

Why is it disturbing? This isnít the state line between Washington and Idaho. They donít have to let you in.

And yes there is a tremendous amount of data shared between law enforcement in both countries. Much of which Iím aware of from working before retirement, some of which Iím probably not.

And I agree, despite still being a little sore about being busted by them for untaxed bear spray back in 1999* [emoji6] I would take Canadian Border Services every day of the week and twice on Sunday compared to USCBP.

*sore because, like the anecdote about potatoes above, I continued my drive to Waterton and bought the same brand and size that they had just confiscated.
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