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Also, with a single, even with a bow thruster, you'll learn how to use spring lines to get on and off a dock.

It occurred to me, some other oddities with a single inboard, with a thruster.

You are pulling away from a dock where you're side tied. What do you do?

I turn the wheel all the way TOWARD the dock. This doesn't actually turn the boat into the dock as much as it bumps the stern AWAY.

bump the engine into gear and simultaneously hit the thruster to push the bow away from the dock. The entire boat stays perfectly parallel to the dock while it creeps away slowly away from the dock making forward movement. So the boat is basically creeping away diagonally at a 45 degree angle from the dock, while the vessel itself remains parallel. Once the stern is clear, hard left rudder to turn the vessel itself at a 45 degree angle. The rudder center and simply drive away.

Simple (hopefully)
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