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Originally Posted by bowball View Post
How would one get a 60 trawler from PNW to do the loop? Or just get a boat already on the east coast, as the more practical alternative?
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I'd do the dream trip through the Panama Canal from the PNW. In fact, I'd do "The Big U". That's Alaska to Maine. A book that doesn't appear to now be available on Kindle was "Cruising the Big U". Here is their association which I don't think ever got off the ground. Home

If you're not game for that, then I'd simply ship the boat from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale or West Palm. You can start the loop from any point on the loop so from the Great Lakes or New England or anywhere on the East Coast or Gulf of Mexico coast or West Florida or the TN, Cumberland, Mississippi, Ohio, Potomac, Chesapeake, Delaware Rivers. Any boat, anywhere in the world can be dropped into the loop, just vary start time by where you are. As long as your draft is at least 5' (actually 6' will work) and your air draft is less than 19' (19'6" will work).
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