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Microwave oven

OK - I like posting here because I get lots of opinions - gives me information and more to think about. I have a nice cooktop/oven/broiler, but I would also like to have a microwave. The little puny microwave that came with our KK does not have enough power - time to go shopping. Any recommendations on make and model? I have also seen those fancy convection ones - and I do like to cook. It might go without saying that he likes to eat.


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I don’t know how much room you have to work with. If you have 30”, Viking makes a great range top microwave/convection oven. If you only have 24” to work with GE makes a 24” range top convection oven. We are gas stove/oven, great for roasting but the convection is much better for baking.

If you are going counter top, I have know idea what is good these days.

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We have a Sharp R820 -- which I think is no longer available -- but it's a combination microwave and convection overn. It works great, including for things like roasting a Thanksgiving turkey (breast) or doing a pork roast and so forth. If you can find something similar, you might want to check 'em out. Maybe Sharp makes an updated version of some sort, or there are other brands...

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Another vote for a convection microwave. Many brands make them. It's just a matter of finding the right size. Nothing like the smell of cookies baking in a convection oven in the galley!
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I definitely agree with Chris about the convection option. We tried in vain to replace the microwave in our last boat with a convection/microwave. We just could not find one that would fit in the limited amount of space we had. So,if you have enough room, definitely go for one of those.

We have a household size over-the-oven unit now. It’s a GE and we like it.
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And yet another vote for the convection/ Microwave. our boat has just the microwave but we spent 2 weeks with our friends on there boat and they have a Bosch ( would be to big for my boat by a couple inches)
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We also installed a convection/microwave. Bought a countertop model and installed it in a cabinet. If you would like to read more go here starting with post #48.

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