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Here's an example of somebody hopefully thinking right.

My wife's cousin's child will be down here in a couple of weeks as part of a "Girls' weekend" for a friend who is getting married - ten young women. Wife's cousin, not realizing we have switched to this smaller Pilot, asked if we could take them out to the barrier island as part of their weekend activities. We responded "no way" in this boat and offered the idea of them renting a 12-pax pontoon boat with wife and me as the "boat people" in charge of the boat or escort with our boat if one of the ladies has experience and can run the pontoon boat or just take the large pontoon ferry boat leaving us out of it altogether.

Have no final decision back from them yet, but the tenor of responses so far indicates some careful thought going into this. I know none of the people involved and don't know if adult beverages will be involved, but if I am driving either the pontoon my boat, I will not be allowing anybody obviously inebriated aboard.

Hopefully,they are planning a nice and sane getaway to the island.

I have a comment on the idea of preventing drunk driving, either on the road or on the water. I see many cases hereabouts of drunks causing harmful accidents (we are a big time vacation destination where tons of drinking happens), and I'll be dogged if many of the terrible messes we see on TV news don't involve a criminal driver who was driving with a suspended license as a result of previous misdeeds. Those people will never obey the law and will drive until destruction, breathalyzer devices or not. I would stand them up against a wall and shoot them, but then that's just me.
Rich Gano
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Panama City area
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I do not serve alcohol while away from the DOCK. There may be an emergency and I do not need a bunch of drunks who cannot follow directions on my boat.
Two days out the hospital after a week in the hospital because of a significant heart attack.
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Unhappy Jmho

I think nature has a great rule,it is called "Natural Selection". There is another rule long forgotten by lawyers and do gooders, it is called "taking Responsibility for your own actions ". If you keep ignoring the second rule, the first will take place! EO!
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To here are a LOT of drinkers who don't get drunk just because they have a drink or two.

Know thine enemy, whomever or whatever it is.

Some people are useless or dangerous stone cold sober..... Pick your crews and even captains accordingly.
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If you want to see various agencies checking boaters for DUI come to the Columbus Day Regatta near Elliot Key. I have even been checked and I don’t drink.
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You should observe the Spanish in August. They would squeeze 20 into that boat and not a lifejacket to be seen! They reckon they can all swim....
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It’s about 10K to fight the dui ticket in this neck of the woods. Uber is the best thing going for drinking and driving.
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The lady in this case, is the Capt. She is 100% responsible. The clients , friends, etc. are under the captains charge. If the boat was 21feet, with 20 passengers. It was probably over loaded also.
I had 1500 passengers a day. With liquor on board. If I had 1 passenger above the observed limit, I had the taxi ( USCG ) pick them up. On a lake, sheriff Dept.

Unfortunately if you have the money a person can buy a plastic boat, no real training. A simple short test, keys and away you go.
Very sad.
If they spent 1 month on the water off shore or large lake doing night duty, they might get it.
Well, happy chugging to all.
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Then there's always a flip side. Flip side - overloaded boat. HA.

Not specific to this incident:

In younger years I have been out on overloaded boats with alcohol involved. July 4th comes to mind. A drunk operator might be relieved by a sober stander-by to avoid an arrest. So you got a squeaky-clean little wheel holder and a boatload of loud, obnoxious drunks and a whole lot of gray area.

Speeding during rush-hour is not lawful and yet people die every day on the road. Those gray areas will get you.

What is an accident anyway? Who is responsible for their own acts? Based on who they are, these days it seems some people can be held responsible only for good things. They used to talk about a sequence of incidents that led you past a point of no return.

Was the boat to blame or the bottle? The operator of the boat or the operator of the bottle? Which sip, when, by whom, was the point of no return?
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