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Yanmar Oil Change Interval

I've got a Mainship 400 with a Yanmar 6LYP. The Yanmar manual says to change the oil every 250 hours but the local marine diesel mechanic says change the oil every 100 hours.

What is everyone doing out there? How often are you changing the oil? Any problems with complying with the Yanmar recommendation?

Jeffrey Guttenberger
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Some change it at less hours than recommended by the engine manufacturer. Some change it at slightly more. Some change it at convenient stops when cruising and worry less anout the hours. Some change it based on looks. Some change it based on oil sampling. Some change it based on what they hear from other boaters or mechanics that change it based on what they have heard from othe boaters or mechanics.

Hardle anyone in the group can cite a major engine problem based solely on engine oil change frequency.

Many when discussing the subject never really include the variables such as engine make, age, usage, application, etc.

Then others will tell you it depends on brand and oil type.

So bottom line is..... who do you trust for the best info? Or the info that best applies to your situation? Or even should your change frequency be the same based on your usage?

Maybe thats why your mech suggested a different time than the manufacturer. Even in cars they recommend based on normal or hard usage.

You will get plenty of opinions for sure.......

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We ran a long trip that was over 200 hours and we changed it when we got back, other times it was at end of season interval which was in the 150 hour range. Which falls in line with what psneeld stated.
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