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Oct 6, 2007
Its has been proven by a study in Florida (1)*that*the leading cause of trawler accidents is none other than......hey, you need to be reading and not looking at the photo on the left*.*

What did I tell you?


(1) Study was conducted by me and three of my buddies

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You ever wonder why you are out alone on the water and there is only one other boat in the distance.....annd he passes within 100ft of your boat much to your chagrin when there is 1000s of square miles.....He is trying to check out your women. Now ya know!!!!!
Hey John, my wife almost died when I posted that this morning...she dared me too. Ya gotta have some fun in this world ya know..)
This sucks, I must have missed whatever you guys are talking about.
Sorry you missed it Gene. Marine Trader's avatar was a picture of about the nicest set of T&A I've ever seen crawling across a boat's deck.

She seemed reasonably enough dressed to me, so not sure why the pic had to go!
Now wait a minutes guys, thats my wife you were looking at.........just kidding, wonder if I could get away with posting it again on the other thread?
We have no problem with you posting that pic in the "Off the deep end" forum.* If you are offended by those kinds of pics and you're in there, that's YOUR problem.* We just don't want it to be your Avatar.* She'll be popping up everywhere!*

However, this is not an "Adult" site, if you know what I mean.* We are bound by our contract on the content.* That pic is at the limit, but if there is anymore nudity involved they could classify us as an "Adult" site!* That would mean that some some kid in a school or at home may be prevented from getting to this site in the first place.* And we don't want that to happen.* We won't everybody in the world to get equal access to this site.* Even those in countries with stricter rules than we've got!

Besides, like I said before, if you guys can't find porn on the internet....see Baker (or Keith)!*
Ok, I started all this mess and Doug is right, we need to act like responsible, grown adults. Wait a minute, thats no fun is it?

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