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Bob Cofer

Aug 27, 2013
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Willard Vega 30
And the work goes on.

Roof is re-skinned, bad spots are repaired, stripping the rails is progressing quite nicely.

Installed a new N2k network and cleaned up the last of the wiring mess.

This weekend is fill all the scene holes and seal everything, sand and prepare for epoxy and fiberglass.

Next is paint the house and bulwarks.

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1459485776.126046.jpg
ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1459723462.714092.jpg

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1459723485.544099.jpg

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1459723515.855731.jpg

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1459723544.451698.jpg

Nearly ready for primer.
It's 3/8" marine ply screwed over the existing 1/2" ply.
Epoxy then cloth and two more coats of epoxy followed by a sturdy epoxy paint. Did I mention sanding? Lots and lots of sanding. ?
ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1459742950.714275.jpg

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1459742968.713261.jpg

Jill has all of the old Cetol removed, a real project and a massive improvement!
Love the transformation Bob . That's gonna make for a heck of a roof . Your teak looks like it is in great shape .
This is what we are hoping to accomplish.

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1460059015.417142.jpg
That's looking great!
You've got a lot of usable covered space there...nice. :thumb:
Epoxy then cloth and two more coats of epoxy followed by a sturdy epoxy paint. Did I mention sanding? Lots and lots of sanding. ?de37

That sounds like project in itself !
Nicely done. You're gonna love that long roof over the cockpit!

We started out with a 2" overhang and it just looked odd. Cut it back to an inch and it still looked strange. Now it's 3/4" with a 1/4" trim piece and it looks right.

She's a boathouse girl now.


ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1460173890.765554.jpg


ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1460173936.332208.jpg


ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1460173966.802844.jpg
This will be a great one to see when complete...I look forward to seeing you in the islands!
Out for a cruise for some solar epoxy curing!

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1460262632.303049.jpg

The bare teak rails are looking good!
Bob - When bridge was aboard, did you pilot from or otherwise use it much/at-all?

We used it all the time and it was our preferred spot to drive from, weather permitting. Now we have a great sundeck and a place to stow our kayaks.

Mock up of the mini mast.

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1460344109.248512.jpg

60+ hours with the heat gun and she has all the teak stripped.

ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1460344243.998310.jpg
Teak looks great and I like the mini-mast. Made my mm out of part of an OB lower unit section.

What is that section called at the top of the topsides ... that's light green on your boat .. Dark green on mine. Is the color GB Beige?
Interlux Grand Banks Beige. Slightly different tint than Petit.
ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1461640442.859121.jpg

First piece of jewelry for the makeover.
Looks good Bob . That teak is in really good shape .I think the fact that your GB is a woodie it looks even better . I might be wrong but I don't think that the look would be as easy on the eyes with same boat in the fiberglass model. I can't put my finger on it but I've always liked the look of the woodie better .
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Thanks Marty!
It's interesting that you say that. We have tied up next to a later model glass 32 and the differences are very subtle but noticeable. We have also cruised a glass 32 and the differences are much more apparent. The woodies are quieter, warmer and just generally feel better. At least we think so!

Bob & Jill
The woodies are quieter, warmer and just generally feel better. At least we think so!
Bob & Jill
I can attest to that fact after spending time on my Sister and Brother-in-law's 1967 42' Trojan.
That craft was WAY warmer than ours in the morning.
But, what always gets me is he says, "if I could have afforded fiberglass, I would have gotten fiberglass".
Hmmm...must be all that painting they're doing constantly. ;)
I have an allergy to buffers, polishing compound and wax!
I love wood boats. Worked on them for many years while growing up. Would own a beautiful ol' woodie if I had capital for others to do nearly 100% of the "wood" maintenance. But I do not have that kind of loose capital... so I own a glass boat. There is a trade off for everything... especially in boating.

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