Tollycraft 34 tricabin 350 omc

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Aug 21, 2013
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Tollycraft 34 tricabin
Im not sure if posting on this site for info on my gas 1975 Tollycraft will offend people as it seems its a diesel site.
I just purchased this boat in seattle and will start to rebuild the 5.7 OMC engines over the winter.
I would love to hear ideas on how to get the engines out.
Yoeman I would start by measuring your doors and then the engines. That will dictate much of your plan going forward from there. Tearing down in the boat may be needed to get the clearance needed and that makes things lighter too.

While in the engine room measuring look at the structure of the cabin sole to see if you need to block it up to support a homemade lifting frame inside your cabin. If you can build a stout lifting frame the rest comes pretty intuitively as far as chain fall, come-a-long etc.

Good luck with your project.

Btw, skateboards are good for more than keeping your kids busy when its time to move that 350 across the floor. ;)
Would it be a bad idea to use a non marine 5.7 block?
Mine is. 350 - 4 bolt main crate engine from Chevy with all new Osco marinization parts. Edelbrock 4 barrel carb and intake, Mallory ignition and distributor, Jabsco water pump. Make sure you use a marine starter and alternator as they are spark protected to prevent things going boom with a fuel leak.

I love mine, especially when the secondaries open up and she levels out on plane.
you don't give any details on your engine replacement but for what it is worth I have an excellent running 351 Commander Marine 351 4 bbl 250 hp LH engine I need to sell. at the time in 1993 OMC didn't make an inboard engine. Commander Marine provided inboards to OMC owned boat companies such as Chris Craft. Mine is one of those inboards outfitted in OMC charcoal and orange and OMC accessories such as fuel filters etc. I bought it new from Commander as a surplus engine that was never shipped to OMC. The logistics are probably beyond workable but send me a note if interested.

The motor is a 350 chev, omc installed in a Tollycraft 34 ft 1975 tricabin so I'm guessing the crate engine will work
Mine has the marine pan so not sure about the oil sump.
It will be fun to start pulling it out.
Borg Warner transmission seem ok
Any short block 350 deals in the north west?
Look at S&J Engines in Spokane. I sent mine there for a thorough remanufacture. Good warranty, good reviews and shipping is very reasonable. My boat is/was in Olympia and the RT shipping was not much.
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