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Jul 18, 2015
Just wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful info on this forum.

Long time lurker in SW FL. Wife and I are lifelong boaters and are moving up to a 35-40 foot trawler for extended time on the water and to check out from the daily grind for a while. We've chartered every year for the past few years and have decided to add another member to our family - namely a floating home away from home. We currently own a 25 foot CC fishing boat that I'll keep as well.

Thanks again for all of the knowledge and insight openly shared on this forum.

Welcome Mike. Glad you find the members information useful. You are in an area most of us have to pay to visit!
Welcome to the forum! Lots of nice cruising in SW FL.

Stay in touch with us on your trawler-lifestyle selection. SW FL is a great cruising region.
Welcome aboard! Nice to have another Floridian here.
Welcome but what are you going to buy?:flowers:
Welcome but what are you going to buy?:flowers:

The simple answer is 'I don't know'. For the last 2 years, we chartered a 34 Mainship and became very comfortable with the boat. It feels much larger than 34' and we both really like the size of the bridge. Interior space is very functional and engine room access is pretty good. Looked at several others including the Swift Trawler, Albin, a very nice Island Gypsy and my current favorite the 36 Sabreline. I have a 18' x 40' covered boat house that I will keep her in so I need to stay in that size range. The front portion of boat house has filled in a little as well so I need to stay a little shy of 40 or get it dredged.

It drives the wife insane but honestly, I enjoy the hunt as much, if not more, than the ownership experience. She says I'm a glutten for punishment. I guess. I just like seeing lots of different things although I would never waste anybody's time. There are so many good options, makes it hard to make a decision.

Covered storage, that will make life easier. Very nice.
Friend of ours in Miami just bought a Saberline 36. Pretty experienced boater; most recent boats a Hunt Surfhunter 32 and before that a GB 42 classic. He paid around 100 for it and says he needs to put in about 40, but likes its bones, if you will.

you are in a great cruising area we took a run down to Boca a few weeks ago
Welcome aboard, love SW Florida. Heading back to the boat tomorrow :)
Welcome aboard as well.
I'm a Tampa native, but spent a lot of time in SW Florida as a kid. More specifically Sanibel & Captiva.
Uncle had a bar down on Captiva where the green flash is now.

I Still get down that way as often as possible.
Love the area. Absolutely stunning views!

Keep us up to speed on your search if you don't mind.

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