Still working on the Tung Hwa Senator refurb

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Dec 24, 2019
United States
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M/V Intrigue
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1985 Tung Hwa Senator
Refurbishment of this 1985 Tung Hwa Senator 31 foot Trawler has been fun so far. Doing lots of stuff I have never done before. Other things I have done extensively but not on a boat. This last week I finished up the interior storage locker and put in some new fangled led light disc's into old, good quality light fixtures to save a few bucks. Don't disregard some of the original equipment. Some of the old stuff was made better back in the day and can be Refurbished. Of course many times its just junk ?. Anyways I made a very short video of some of the progress. Next up I am doing some fiberglass and core repairs on the upper deck.
Sounds good. Have fun with the core work...
As in the case of the lid that goes under the cusions, keep the old piece.Anything with Teak on it, even veneer could turn out to be valuable later in the project.

Good work,

Thanks Pete. Good advice. I have hung on to just about everything I have pulled out except any rotted
More work on the Trawler. This was actually prior to beginning the headliner since this was fixing the leak that stained the headliner. Repairing the upper deck aft sections that were rotted under the stanchions and near the edges. This along with re-caulking the forward cap rails and around the Samson post now has the boat leak free. Now after the headliner, which we bought material today, I can begin to actually sand and paint and caulk the exterior wood and fiberglass.

Learning to sew and making cushions for the boat.

I figure Ill just keep everything regarding progress in one thread. This is actually from a few months ago. Not much of a videographer...but you get the

Ill be installing 2/3 of the headliner this weekend. Maybe all of it if we like the fabric we purchased.
Part 3 of the headliner install. Its coming out great. Teak rails have been sprayed as well as the window trim screens and other teak pieces. They came out great too. Next time I will show all that stuff installed and it should be a startling difference in before and after. Especially for this old
Thanks Twillie. When I put the wood pieces and new cushions back in the boat along with new LED lighting its going to feel like a different boat. The interior Teak came out pretty good. Nice and shiny.



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Awesome looking job! I’d bet it makes you feel good as you accomplish each of your task! Spraying the wood really looks nice!
Thanks Capt Jon. I tried brushing first and it came out ok. I am using Total Boat products at the moment. Their wood product can be thinned so I figured I would try it with a spray gun. In the future I will be spraying from here on out when possible. You can lay down more product evenly. And when thinned the drying time was much quicker. Its tack free in about 6 hours. There are blemishes but they are hard to notice. The blemishes came from obviously spraying out doors and then some was from prep in some areas. But its very hard to notice.
Looks good. It’s going to look nice when you complete (if that’s possible!) it!
Looks good. It’s going to look nice when you complete (if that’s possible!) it!

LOL...I am beginning to wonder too . I had a battery go out today. Optima Blue top G31. One of 4 that were all put in at the same time by the previous owner. It was hot as heck. Glad I was there to find it. :banghead:
Progress on small items in between larger projects. Sometimes shoring up nagging small issues is as satisfying as large projects. or at least in my mind allows me to sharpen my focus on the larger tasks ahead. Here is another short video on some smaller repairs and checks.

Looking good. Progress in the right direction.
Been side tracked a bit. But had time to make a few upgrades. Many more to come.

Thanks Charlie. Next will probably be a Floscan install. I forgot I had a new old stock unit sitting on my I had to cut the lines I just made, shorten and reflare. Not too big a deal. Also ordered some water sensors for the Racors. Then sewing window covers.
Keep the YouTube videos coming. Love them!
Doing a referb on my own 34 pilothouse.

Thanks brother. Its hard to get work done and The Floscan and water sensor/gauge is all done. Jut need to do a video going over the install.
I have been sidetracked with several family things as well as a case of Covid that I am just getting over. Should be back at it this weekend.

Please post up pics or videos if you have any. I am always learning.
Yes, agree. Photos are hard enough.
My thread is at
I’ve had to take a break the last year due to everything going on so not much has happened. Hoping to get back into it this month
Still working on the Tung Hwa Senator refurb


I stumbled upon your youtube videos a few months ago while binging and absorbing boating refurb knowledge :eek:

Didn't realise you were on these forums.
Thanks Max. I just replied to your post. Feel free to PM me or post any time and I will do the same.
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