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WOW! Now that is going back in time to house calls. Love it:thumb:

Great way to write off the boat as a business expense...

A friend of mine had a practice in Port Angeles and a practice on San Juan Island. He used his private plane to fly back and forth. He was able to write off most of the cost of ownership of the plane (not sure I'd be that aggressive...). I think the primary reason for the Island practice was that write-off. His patients knew to check the weather before going to the office. If conditions weren't VFR that morning, he wouldn't make it.
Delayed departure from Meyer's Chuck just long enough to get one more:

Bill, Cassie's cinnamon rolls at Meyers are the best in the world! (Seeadler and Hatt Trick are dock mates for a few days in Ketchikan ).:thumb:
Ken. Hatt Trick
Anchored out in Meyer's Chuck, Alaska, a wonderfully quaint scenic rockbound community of little houses clinging tenaciously to a very irregular substrate, but to quote Gertrude Stein: "there's no there, there." I.e., no shoreside stuff for the visiting yachties, such as cafes, grocers, galleries full of Chinese-made Alaska memorabilia, etc.

But on with our story: 0715, rubbing sleep from eyes, initiating coffee process, and I hear a rap on the hull and a "yoo-hoo!" Alongside is an aluminum skiff occupied by a very nice lady with a picnic basket full of cinnamon rolls for the modest price of $3.50 each.

While fumbling for my wallet, I ask her how many people decline her offer. "Nearly none." I was probably going to spend another night here...but now it's a certainty.

Did I mention they were warm? ...with walnuts?

I would love to have a little business like this. I've often thought of converting a houseboat to a floating pizza kitchen. I think it would go over very well during the summers here.
The Feds built a platform in Biscayne Bay just west of Key Biscayne. For many years it had an aviation radio beacon (VOR) on it. Eventually the beacon was removed and a big empty platform sat there. I thought it would have made a great place for a convenience store / restaurant. I never did anything about it and they eventually removed the platform.
Now I'm singing "do you know the muffin man..." in my head!

This is a great little side venture for sure for the lady and the best part is that it's most likely legal.

When I was in the Bahamas the other month we had a guy going boat to boat trying to sell fresh lobster. It would have been great but lobster wasn't in season and I darn sure didn't want to risk going to jail!
Poutine! What the heck are “Cheese Curds”?

I heard about a cruising couple that got a pizza oven for their boat and sold pizza in what ever anchorage that landed in.

Pizza Pi! I saw this on some youtube cruising vlog somewhere a few years ago. Glad they seem to still be in business. Apparently it's pretty good pizza.
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