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Sep 27, 2019
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Knot 4 Sail
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Mainship 400 Nantucket
Hello Im new to the forum and although I don't have a ship yet, i'm attempting to get one. She is a 40' Mainship and has some issues. The surveyor told me the older boats always have wet stringers. I found this odd and thought they should always be dry. Any comments would be appreciated.She also has a bad Port gas tank which seems to be a hopeless case.
Your surveyor is wrong. Older boats shouldn’t have wet stringers and the boat you purchase shouldn’t either. Between bad stringers and fuel tanks you may have to spend more than the market value of the boat. If a Mainship 400 is your boat of choice, I would consider looking at others. These are very costly repairs.
Wet stringer? Run away and get a new surveyor.
The bad fuel tank isn’t too bad IF you like to do DIY. However depending oh how wet the stringer is, it could be a really big deal. I am going to replace one of my fuel tanks this winter. I love working on my boat, but stringers are not on my list of things I want to do. BTW, welcome aboard.

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