Sleipner bow thruster

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Mar 17, 2008
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I need to top up my Sleipner which requires EP90. Went to 4 auto stores (and an hour on the web) trying to find an equivalent, without success.
What will substitute for EP 90? (GL4? Hypoid?)
90 Wt. lower unit oil for outboards?
GL-4 seems to be the*best bet; according to a Castrol note, EP90 has been replaced by GL-4.* You may well end up with an 85W-90*just a slightly extended viscosity range.

Napa shows a StaLube GL-4 85W-90.

Don't go with a GL-5, even though it's supposed to "superceed" the GL-4.* Apparently some of its*additives*may be corrosive to ***some*** metals.* You may be OK, but probably would need to check with the mfr.

BTW:* "Hypoid"*means oils compatible with helical cut (as opposed to straight cut) gears.* These require oils that can handle*higher pressures - therefore the "extreme*pressure" or EP designation.* So EP, GL-4, GL-5 are all "hypoid" oils.

Sidepower specifies GL5 for its bow thrusters.
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