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Feb 25, 2021
Hi all, I’m new to TF and learning a lot from everyone here... it’s a great resource. My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a mid-80’s Universal Marine Hampton Bay 39. Due to the timing, it’s turning out to be a rather long process. But that’s giving me time I wouldn’t normally have to understand what we’re potentially getting into. We had a dry survey in November, as the boat was already on the hard, and will have a sea trial in April. Then it’s decision time. :whistling:

I’m not having any luck searching for “Universal Marine Hampton Bay” as each of these words is popular on its own and the search seems to return any posts containing any one of the words. :banghead: Is there a way to search on the whole string?

I’m interested in learning more about these boats and hoping there is at least one “knowledgeable historian” out there who can lend some insight on their origin and construction.

Thanks in advance!
Welcome to TF. Good luck in your search. I'm sure someone will hit jackpot for you. :)
"Universal Marine Hampton Bay boats" in Google brings up Yachtworld listings. At the bottom of the ads is some narrative about these boats. Not too much there but a starting point.
Thanks guys!

The third link you provided John pretty much says it all. Everybody under the sun was building trawlers in Taiwan back in those days so there’s no telling who built a particular boat. An in-depth survey and close inspection will be the key.
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