Sad story from the cold Atlantic....

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I don't know these boats, what they do, how they operate so must ask, "why do they keep going down and people getting killed?" What is there about it or what is going on? Are they going out in unsafe conditions or are the boats themselves unsafe or is there a problem in operation of the boats?

Very unsettling to see it continue to happen. I feel for the families and friends but also the families of the others going out in what appears to be a dangerous profession there.
I think the reason these boats down, is because they go out in the kind of inclement weather pleasure trawlers avoid. Commercial fishing craft main aim is making money, at any cost.
This wasn't weather related...

The vessel manager for the boat's owner said: " the weather conditions were perfect Monday night when an incident occurred. He said there were no prior issues with the vessel. The cause of the vessel sinking remain unknown"

Rescued fishermen in 'good condition' and search continues for 2 missing - News - - New Bedford, MA

Looking at the picture of the boat and all the top equipment, I wonder what effect all the equipment had on the boat' stability.
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