Removing 5200

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Jim Spence

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Oct 6, 2007
Vessel Name
Sea Eagle
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Californian 50' Cockpit M/V
I need to take one of my windows apart to fix a leak. I happen to know that the aluminum frame was put on with 5200. The frame just covers the joint between the wooden window frame and the fiberglass. There are several chemicals listed that will supposedly loosen 5200. What have you guys used that worked or didn't work. Also my boat is newly painted with Awlgrip, I don't want to damage the paint!! Thanks!!
Anti-Bond 2015 is a product made specifically for that. You should be able to find it at West Marine or other ship's stores.
Thanks Kieth, that's the one I was trying to think of.
Thanks Charles, appreciate the info! Nice web site and a nice boat!
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