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Feb 5, 2014
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Ozimo IV
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18m Gulet
FYI - As a notification: Capt Sam - my Father who up until this month was planing to build a metal sail cat left this world on the 21st. He had just turned 75 and now he's joined his dad in the sea.

I am the 3rd generation of boat building family. As soon as I am finished with the current movement of cargo, I plan to keep up the tradition of quality woodhulls - overseas. I'd like to keep his memory alive with Ghostrider III
Sorry to hear of your loss. And good luck with Ghostrider III.
Very honorable tradition. Sorry for your loss and all the best with future plans!
Sorry for your loss. Love the east coast boats and hope to get to Nfld this summer. Keep up the tradition there are so fee of these skills being taught these days.
Sorry for your loss. Please keep the wood boat tradition going.
Add our thoughts to those above, and good on ya for keeping up the tradition.

Here's something to think about. My dad as a life long boater. When we bought our boat he died before he had a chance to see it. In his honor, we engraved a ship's bell and it's now mounted on the boat for us to ring when we're ready to leave the slip. It's our way to honor him and to invite him along on the trip.

Mike and Tina. What a beautiful Memorial.

Ghostrider: Best to you and family & friends tomorrow.
Sorry for your loss. He may be gone, but not forgotten.
Wood boats can be a pain; Dad's can be a pain, but we love them both dearly. God bless you and your family during this time.
Sorry for your loss. I love wood boats. Hope there is always someone that wants to build them.

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