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Apr 17, 2014
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malu lani
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Albin 27 FC
A sailor for 40 years, I crossed over to the dark side in '02, to a 44 trawler. We were liveaboards for 15 years and cruised the east coast from MA to FL. When we moved to TN, I thought we were done with cruising, but the TN River is only 15 minutes away and connects to anywhere we want to go. There are a lot of great cruising grounds inland, and we missed the water, so we bought another boat! The Albin 27 FC is a small package but long on capabilities and very economical. We're looking forward to lots of cruising again and hope to share on here and AOG as we go.
Welcome. A27's are a nice boat. We owned an A25 and loved it. They are very seaworthy, trailerable and quite the value for the dollar.
Greetings from Jupiter!.

I am a newb here also. I was a sailor in my youth in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, and had plans to buy a sailboat with my wife and sail away to Panama to retire. Our son took us on a daysail on a Hunter 45, and the captain wrapped the rolling furling sheet around the stanchion, and when it popped it sounded like a gunshot. We also were heeled over pretty good most of the time. It didn't bother me, but it really bothered her.

She is now a BIG fan of trawlers, and is on board to get one. As soon as silver makes it's next big move, I am getting me a trawler.

I love sailors and I love trawlerors! Welcome aboard.
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