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Jun 15, 2013
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C-Kip 380
Hi everyone. I've just joined because it looks like I am about to become the owner of a Searanger 39 (C&L Marine). She's 33 years old, in fair condition, but a whole lot different from what I am used to (Sailing catamaran).

There's gonna be lots of questions and things to learn... but for now - What should I be looking out for in an old boat like this before buying?

Welcome aboard. My boat is 40 years old, and in excellent condition. It is not how old it is, but how well it has been taken care of and how good it was to start with. Kind of like people. :) No advice to offer you on what to look before buying, though. Not that I could not give some, but others here can, and probably will, do a better job.

Welcome to the forum, J. A successful buy these days could begin with a trusted broker, but if not, surely a trusted surveyor, one that loves his hammer and moisture meter, and preferably one that's been around at least as long as your boat has. Spending there could really save you a lot later. Best of luck.
Healhustler. You are on the money... Love the boat and she will love you back. I don't care much for brokers though. Never found one who deserved the money they ask for. I rate them alongside estate agents! But the surveyor... Yes of course. Found one 'old school'... Been breathing motor boats for 40 years. I'm even going for oil samples. I'll let you know how it goes.

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