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Jan 22, 2024

I'm new on this forum and wanted to thank you all for sharing valuable information and experience.
I'm a lifetime sailor and a former boatyard co-owner (family business for over 50 years, designing and building pleasure and workboats in steel and aluminum), but spent my whole life in sailboats.

Back in January I saw a PT41 and it was hard to say no to the challenge of leaving her in a mint condition, and start my learning process in the fiberglass world. She is overall in a pretty good shape, but some stuff must be done.

I am about to start soda blasting the bottom, then an Interlux Barrier Epoxy 2000/2001 + Trinidad hard antifouling scheme. She has no blisters or signals of osmosis at all, but want to leave that part to the best condition possible.

After that, I'll follow with the windows, she has a couple of leaks there. I have a 200 item excel file that I want to address, and I will also document each work and step I'll take.
The goal is to have her in a sailing condition this Summer.

Fair Winds and following seas,
Welcome! Be sure to post pictures of it all! I’m interested in seeing the progress
Welcome aboard. Only 200 items? Hahahaha

Welcome aboard and looking forward to the pictures !
Thank you guys!!
Here's the latest update...we began with the soda blasting for 100% hull paint removal to the gelcoat last Wednesday. We are still on the go, inch by inch.
I will post photos next week.
Fair Winds,
I'm sorry for the late response but I've been travelling abroad and in multiple tasks lately.
Here's a few photos before and after...the hull is ready for another 40 years. No blisters or osmosis, just a bit of pitting in some areas, but none deep or showing the fiber.
Now it's generator (westerbeke) time, then following a review of the twin Ford Lehman 120HP, AC and some cosmetic works.
Still planning to be sailing by June/July from Marathon to Tampa, FL.

Fair Winds for all!


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