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Jun 29, 2017
United States
great forum, have started digging into the content, as we're starting to research boats and marinas in the Puget Sound area for live aboard and cruising.
We're in our mid 60's, good health and fit.
During my 20's I worked as a harbormaster in a federal port, was the primary pilot on a 37' search and rescue vessel (hole in the USCG coverage) that covered the immediate coastal waters, and after getting a 60 ton license, ran a 65' sports fishing boat (William Gardner design, 1/4" steel w/2 6-71's) licensed for 35 passengers.
When the kids came it was time for more traditional work hours, so went into building management, managing college, hospital and high tech facilities during my career.
During that time always had a boat of some kind to fish from, nothing in the cruiser range.
Currently living on a lake a few miles from the beach on the Oregon coast, we're ready to make a life change, want to head further north, and the Inside Passage has long been on my bucket list.
So now we're in the market for a boat, and I'll post some ? on that in the general section.


LCC, welcome aboard TF. Sounds like you have a pretty extensive background around these funny floating things with pointy ends. That should help you out when it comes to picking the right pointy ended thingie and the right place to park it.
Mr. GFC. Hey, easy on the technical jargon. He's a newbie.


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