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Nov 19, 2016
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End Game
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41 DeFever Flybridge trawler
Just purchased a DeFever 41, changing from sail, Islander 36 to power.
Russell Shroff been living aboard my Islander 36 for 35 years in San Francisco Bay.
Presently going thru all systems and replacing most, so looking forward to asking questions from other owners.
I have a Lehman 135 onboard, depth sounder and Nillsen windlass, everything else will be new.

Sea Ya
Welcome Russell. You will find as I have found VERY HELPFUL members!

Enjoy and ask away!
DeFever 41

Hi Donna,
Thanks for the response, I am still learning how to use the site, mainly looking for DeFever 41 owners to bounce questions off of.

I was hoping there would be a West coast DF 41 group I could sign into but looks like I was wrong?

Sea Ya

Welcome Russell, we all like pictures so please share some of your boat when you have time.
There are Defever owners on here. They just have't seen the thread yet! :)
I am so new to this site that I don't know how to post pics on the message, maybe go to my account and post them there ?
Sea Ya

Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on the new boat.

Thanks much, I see you have a Independence trawler, great boat I crewed on one for 17 trips from Mexico to Alaska, I was a delivery skipper and the independence 45 was the best boat in big seas I ever took to sea.


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