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Feb 13, 2016
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Serenity 2.0
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Mimosa 40
Hello forum members,

I've been reading the forum for some time but this is my first post. I've been in the boating world most of my life, predominently in a recreational capacity but at times in a commercial context. All of my recreational boating up until a year ago was in smaller, planing hulls but a year ago (approximately) my wife and I ventured into the larger trawler style vessel and we have been loving every moment of it. The first couple of months was a little rough having to rectify issues resulting from the PO's lack of attention to the vessel but in hindsight, it gave me an opportunity to fast track my knowledge base on the boat and it's systems.

The boat itself is an unknown brand (2006 Mimosa 40) which is essentially identical (built in the same Chinese factory) as a reasonably common brand here, Integrity. I believe the Mimosa brand only imported a couple of boats before going broke during the GFC. Anyway, we are very happy with it to date.

So, thanks for all the very useful posts on TF. They are incredibly helpful to a relatively new Trawler owner.

By the way, I'm on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I note there are a number of Australian forum members from 1 hour up the road in Brisbane.


Welcome aboard Rhino. (That was the name of my last boat :))
Thanks Peter B.

No I don't have my own waterfront block. I'm in Coomera Waters marina and live in Coomera Waters, just a stones throw away from Horizon Shores.

Yes my boat and the integrity are one in the same as they were built in the very same factory in China. The only difference is mine is 10 years old and the new Integrities have some more flash looking interiors. My hull is closest to the current 440 sedan from what I can tell.

That link you added is the sister ship to mine. I think it may even be the only other one. Mine was much the same as that but I have since upgraded all my electronics to Simrad and changed out all the lighting to LED.

Where do you do most of your boating? We are out most weekends around the Pin and if time allows, into Moreton Bay. Long term I'd love to do a longer trip up the coast and even up to Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Islands. The boat had 352hrs when I got it and I've already nearly doubled that in a year.

Thanks for the welcome dimer2.

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