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Hey, I'm Scott, a former boat owner in San Diego looking for a trawler.
Anybody ever heard of "Big Sky?"

That boat has been on the market for a very long time. I've walked by it a few times; there was some rust showing, looked generally neglected which is probably bad news for a steel boat. That said if you're looking for a long distance heavily built trawler in the 40' range you don't have too many options to look at (check out the Willard 40 in the classifieds though).
I toured this boat about 14 months ago. Reach out by PM. I general it is (pun intendee) a bit of an odd duck. I believe it was built for European use so systems are not always US standard. Definitely built as a one couple boat and the Floorplan is not like a typical trawler. But still an interesting boat for the right use case.
Welcome aboard and good luck in your search.
Scott, just sent you a PM with my number.
Stood next to it on the dock many times. I actually think it has been on the market for a couple years. Pretty rough looking on the exterior.
I haven’t seen the vessel, but have been on several other DD. “Ready” beat me to the “odd duck” comment! Unusual to see a 41’ boat with 1 stateroom/1 head. Most ducks have a bunk or other arrangement forward. Tons of unused space in the master. I also don’t remember ducking :)rofl:)through passageways (other than engine room) like the guy in the video. I wonder if she’s standard dimensionally. I had the same feeling looking at the pilot house. Something seems off in the dimensions looking at the forward area. *Note - that just may be me though!

I was noting the rust peaking through the paint. Obviously didn’t sell it fast enough! Overall... price may be commensurate with condition, as I believe most ducks price out higher just from my armchair surfing. And you’d be stuck with a Volvo for power. :angel:

She might be the right boat for someone out there.

Best of luck in your shopping. San Diego is (mostly) great!
Thanks to all - I'll keep on looking. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Thanks to all - I'll keep on looking. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Welcome to TF. Along with a few others who already posted I can advise the boat has been for sale for some time. There are few DD posted on Yacthworld including a DD 382 listed by JMYS web-site. Enjoy your search.


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