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Jan 10, 2013
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One one
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34' CHB
I have a 79' CHB 34. The wood block at the rudder post is kind of soft I'm thinking of drilling some holes and injecting penetrating epoxy then applying as much as I can get it to absorb and painting it with epoxy paint.Anyone have another idea or do you think this will do the trick?
Got any pic's
That may help with the recomendations.
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No idea on your problem but welcome aboard. Hope to see you on the bay or delta. We have a bay and delta social group (look for social groups along the top under the banner photo) if you care to join us.
Welcome aboard!
There is a product called Git Rot that is an epoxy designed for doing just what you suggest. I've seen mixed results with it. In my opinion wood rot is a cancer that does not respond to chemo therapy. Cut out the rot and replace it with good wood. At the same time figure out how water was getting to it and fix it.
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