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Apr 12, 2016
United States
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Ann-Elyse II
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North Pacific 45
Hi Folks,

I bought a new Carver C34 and love it. I bet you're wondering what I'm doing here. Once I found out that you can do blue water cruising to distant locations in anything other than a sail boat. I realized that I bought the wrong kind of boat! Now I'm looking for either a trawler or power cat. I like the Fleming 55 but am concerned that it's a semi displacement trawler also the $$$!. I just stumbled across an article that mentioned power cats as a long range, blue water, boat. But the strength may be an issue and their recovery from a severe beam wave is not as good as a full displacement trawler. So I am still reading and looking while I enjoy the Carver in the bay and delta. I hope to learn a lot from you folks.

Cheers! :thumb:
Welcome aboard. Dirt doc? Tabloid journalist?

We looked at a C40 at the Newport Boat Show last summer, liked it so much we decided that's our next boat as soon as they age a little and depreciation puts one in our price range. What do you not like about your C34?

Oh, and welcome by the way, great forum.
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