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Nick F

Sep 2, 2020
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1974 Grand Banks 42 Classic, Hull 433
Hello all,
Just purchasing a 1976 CHB 34 in Vancouver, BC. There are a number of things that require fixing and I look forward to getting advice from fellow owners.
As for myself, this is my fourth power boat, but the first diesel boat. I am also an experienced offshore sailor, having sailed 3 times to Hawaii, sailed around S America and a lot of the western European coasts. I am an engineer, working in the offshore oil industry as a seafloor equipment specialist.
I look forward to chatting with you!
Best regards,


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Welcome aboard,

We have the same model as you. I love the simplicity of the boat that makes it easy to work on. They are solid boats and should serve you well.

Feel free to ask questions. The forum members can be a wealth of information.
Thank you all for your prompt replies. Immediate problems:

- Stern tube leaking - sounds like it is leaking through the wall of the tube inside the boat (according to previous owner). I am thinking that I need to replace the tube.

- Shaft coupling had sheared its bolts twice in 3 years. Cause unknown at this time. One surveyor said the stringers were rotten inside. Mechanic drilled into stringer and said wood was solid. (acc to previous owner)

- Fuel tanks will need replacing.

The stern tube is the immediate and most pressing problem. On the positive side, the boat has had the decks completely redone in FG.
I am a DIYer with a lot of boat experience, so intend to do as much of the work as possible myself.

All advice welcome! Especially those who have had the same problems. The shaft coupling problem appears to be a brainteaser.
Welcome aboard.
The shaft coupling problem might be related to the shaft tube leak. If the tube is leaking, it also may not be properly supporting the shaft, and motion of the shaft can break the coupling.
Good luck on your projects. Post pics.
Welcome aboard. We will need photos of the boat and your work, of course.
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