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May 27, 2014
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1976 Albin 25 Delux
Well, I've had it for a couple of years. As these things go, it has been a project boat as I redid the wiring and other details in the boat. It's one of three Albin 25s I know of in AZ. It's intended to be a Lake Powell boat. It's been repowered with a new Volvo MD2040 with zero hours on it. The forum has been very helpful as I work on the boat.

-George in AZ
Welcome aboard. "Well, I've had it for a couple of years..." Are you at the point where you can enjoy the boat or selling?
Definitely preparing to enjoy the boat. Just had to get it sorted out, electrical mostly, and I'm about there with it.
There was the same model boat as your boat on EBay here on the East coast. I was considering it when I was looking to downsize from a 40 Mainship. Your boats pretty rare but you already know that. Best of luck with her, she is a beauty.
BillyIII - that Albin 25 is certainly not that rare on BC's west coast. Seems to me that there is at least one or more in almost every marina I go into. Many have been modified with a fibreglass top over the helm and cockpit. There are also a number of motor-sailers - now they're rare! Pretty impressive staying-power in a small 40-year-oldish boat.
ENglish Bluff,
We are members of the Albineer's of BC. Probably 50 boats give or take. Haven't seen them for awhile as we've been in Alaska.

The A-25 is one of the best boats ever In my opinion.
We found our Albin-15, the Du NORD three years ago just 85 miles from home (now THAT is rare in the upper Midwest), sitting on a fine (newer) trailer, so just couldn't resist. The Albin-25 had looked good to me as a possible candidate to move into from 18 years in a trailerable 28' Yawl, and when we found one close by, we popped for it immediately, before the seller could show it to "people form the east coast".
Welcome aboard!

I remember reading about the Albin 25 in my father's boating magazines when it was first sold in the U.S. in the late 1960s. I was intrigued by it because it was so different from the express cruisers I was used to. Back in those days, it was the only smaller powerboat with a diesel engine that I was aware of.

I still see one from time to time. Hope you have a lot of fun with yours.
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