Mold/Mildew on Flybridge Canvas

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Jan 11, 2008
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On my Flybridge canvas, green mold/mildew seems to keep coming back.* I've used "Amazon" but it came right back.* Then, I used Starbright Sail/Canvass cleaner.* This cleaned it but the darn stuff comes back.
Any ideas to irradicate this stuff for good (or at least for longer periods).* My current flybridge canvas is tan in color.* It's seems like my other boat with Black canvas never had this problem?
It must be staying damp for some reason. Make sure it's stretched so no puddles form. Clean it with some gentle soap like Dreft or Ivory snow with warm water by hand with a soft brush. Then use some hydrogen peroxide on the areas that seem to be prone to mold to make sure you kill it all. Don't use bleach! Then wash and dry again, and seal with 303 Teflon based canvas protector (green label).
I just cleaned our canvas mold with Fantastic first to get the heavy green stuff off and then Windex with vinegar, let sit for a day and then spay rain repellent over on it.* In the PNW the Northern side does not get sun so moss/mold tends to grow.* In the summer I hang the canvas in the bright sun for about a week before storing.* Ammonia would probable work also.*

I don't think you can get rid of it for good.* The best is turn the boat around so the sun hit its.*
I think that Keith has nailed your problem. Mold etc usually only starts because something is staying wet, if your water repellent is letting your fabric get soaked it needs to be retreated.
Spin the boat so the canvas faces south possibly?
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