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Oct 11, 2007
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Circuit Breaker
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2021..22' Duffy Cuddy cabin
While reading the article on the couple that cruises close to home (PMM August) I was reminded how much I liked the Pilot 34. Though I do not have one now, I wish I did! The blue hulled 34 was to me, the ultimate 2 person boat. Great looking. cockpit, a good turn of speed (if you need it) and very nice quarters below. Mark my words dear readers....the Pilot 30 & 34 will be "classics" and in demand for many years to come.


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Obviously that last attached photo <u>is not a Pilot 34!</u> It is, however, a damn good boat but does not have the performance or range of the P-34.

I too used to own a Pilot 34. In fact the boat written about in the article about cruising close to home is the boat that I owned. I echo your favorable opinion. We cruised that boat all around Florida South Carolina and as far north as the Chesapeake. Easy on fuel--16-17 knot cruise and very comfortable. A classic she is. We cruise a Sabre 42 now. While the speed comfort and space are extremely nice there are still things I miss about the Pilot 34. It was almost a perfect design for a cruising couple.
Here here. I think they are a tremendous value. They are extremely easy to operate and maintain as well. Boy you can get 'em cheap right now.* And the latest generation 34 is a damn good looking boat!!!!* The new 31 is pretty damn cool too.**I like how they brought the galley out into the cockpit on the new 31.* Makes perfect sense to me.

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