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Dec 16, 2007
In 1982 I purchased* an issue of a boating magazine called, "Trawler Cruiser Yacht." It was written for the everyman type of boat. No mega yachts or around the world cruising spots. Among the articles were: How to Stop the Flop, EPIRBs, Boat Security, Today's Marine Diesels complete with power curve graphs,*and lots of DIY projects.*In a word, it was the ideal magazine for the average trawler owner.
I mentioned this mag on Trawler World and was requested to mail the issue to George's which I did. PM was being born and they wanted some input on what a trawler mag should be. How they came up with PM I will never know but it is not what I envisaged.
If you notice that many times PMM will have an article on some of the longer discussion that have taken place on the board, so we do have some imput. However, the dring factor is the advertizers and new boats which pays the bills. Last issue had article on stufing box, AIS, and Surviving a live aboard winter which where all recent past discussions. Also most of the editors do ead the PMM chat for ideas. I expecially like the Letter to the Editor as they are more basic and down tomy non technical/mechanical level. Even in the letter there is a lot of topics we have discussed, and many time even qioted. )-; Like trawler found, living the dream, oil temperature, weather stations, vacuum gauges, hose clamps, Florida anchoring, and some others. So we the readers do have an impact influacne on the magazine to some degree.
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