Looking to purchase Willard/fales

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The Fales 32 Navigator is a pretty neat boat. Well suited to PNW cruising. Just don't see them come on the market too often. Good luck in your search!
Pm or post have cash looking PNW. Thanks TF folks..
I have a friend with a 1977 30’ Mk IV that I think he is selling. Recently repowered with a Beta diesel. What is your target budget? The boat is in LaConner, WA.
Cora (30' Horizon) is homeported in Anacortes and will be on the market in mid May I think he's looking at around 24-25k.
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thanks bob for dropping a note here about cora.

here is what i posted on the willard boat owner site:::

upon arrival in the pnw this spring, probably by may 15th, my intention is to put the m/v cora up for sale.

no public listing will be posted until after i have arrived and staged the boat.

m/v cora is a 1974 voyager.

anyone interested can contact me for preliminary information






brian arndt
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