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Aug 11, 2009
Hello everyone,

Impassioned by the trawlers, we decided to change our lifestyle to live on a boat.

We are French, all the aid we are valuable tips and information are welcome.

We have created a website explaining our http://www.lookingfortrawler.com project.

We are at the beginning of our project, we are looking for a trawler from 50 to 60 ft. Our favorite is going toward a Grand Banks 50 and 58 (even restore).

We have a small budget if you know a good opportunity, please contact us. contact@lookingfortrawler.com

Thank you all.

Best regards,

Family Chambord
With a planned Departure date of next year , you probably have time to do needed maint , and perhaps up grade the electric toys with a month long half life.

And a bunch of test cruises to shake down what you didn't know was shakey.

But restoration will be limited to eye candy , mostly.
So what area and kind of water will you be cruising. This can make a big difference in the boat.* The taller the boat the less comfortable the ride and/or stability? Most if not all the boats you have listed are semi displacement which have great ultra/dock stability but questionable ultra stability.* I would be more concerned about ultra stability than the initial stability. *

The style/layout of boat is as important as the bard name.* The boats you have looked at are the pilot house and the tri cabin with the master in the stern.* The concern with the tri cabin is easy access to the dock and swim deck.* Also high solid deck rails and a Portuguese bridge are also important especially with a young child to be able to coral/contain.

Also the steep steps should be a concern and the number of time they have to be climbed per day.* If your daughter, wife and you can not get on/off the boat with one arm and can not move around the boat with no hands that will not make a very good live a board and/or cruising boat.

For a live aboard creature comforts and capacity become big factor for live a boards.* Does it have enough electrical, heat, refrigeration, freezer, water, sanitation to meet your area/climes/needs.* Remember you are going to be alive 100% of the time and cruise a small % of the time. *

For an older boat the name brand is not important. How the boat has been maintains and used and present condition is the important factor.* I would be very leery of buying a boat on the South East coast of the US because of the storms and high humidity.* Might want to look at upper East coast and the PNW the trawler capital of the world where most of the designs/engineering originated.

The best is to take a walk down the docks and talk to the live a boards as what is important to a live aboard may not be as important for a non live aboard.* We have been a live aboard for 11+ years, but the Eagle is a very good live aboard and stable/capable cruising boat.*

The BIGGST AND BEST ADVICE, is for YOU to follow you WIFE and DAUGHTER around and let them decide on the style/layout/creature comforts of the boat.* Its the Wife/SO that will make or break being a live aboard.* If you do not buy the right boat you will not last a year.* On PasssageMaker.com under Live A Boards are a number of long good discussion about being a live aboard.*******
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