Looking For Brass Step Plates

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Nov 20, 2009
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Does anyone know a supplier for brass step plates?* I did find a supplier in Washington state but they only have 3 1/4" x 9" with white rubber ribs.* I am looking for something in about a 4" width x 12" to 16" length.* Used plates would be ok also as long as they don't have a name on them.
Do they have to be brass?
I have about 6 or 8 Perko step plates. Look to be made of TREX or something similar. PM me if you want. I'll make you a smoking deal.

Thanks Skipperdude but I did want to use the brass plates.* I think they look nice and protect the wood.* If I had a Grand Banks I guess it would have come with brass step plates.* We thought we would dress up our Marine Trader since it is our first trawler.* Thanks again..............

make yourself a template out of wood or lexan/plexiglass. Take it to a foundry and have some unique plates made up that others will ask you "where did you get those?"
Friend of mine did just that and has the best looking name plates that you step on instead of marring the varnish as you climb aboard.
Thanks, koliver! We actually went ahead and ordered the only ones that we found online, but this is a great suggestion, too.
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