Looking at Joining a Yacht Club

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Apr 25, 2020
United States
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1988 Cerria 2655
I live in Chehalis so will be Mooring my Boat in Olympia. I'm on the Swaintown wait list now.
Do we have any members who are members of the Olympia Yacht Club?
When I lived in Bremerton I was a Member of the Bremerton Yacht Club for 6 or 7 years. Then moved to land locked Chehalis Yuck.
Have my 2655 Bayliner and she is ship shape finally! Would love to here from current/ former members of the local Yacht Clubs. Good/ Bad about being a member. Cost is relatively the same... Ok no 24 hours of work party required at Swaintown!
Welcome to the forum. Being in Australia I will leave it to others in your country to reply. However, I can say for sure many do join local Yacht clubs who have both sailing and power boating members, and it always enhances one's enjoyment of the boat, because of the camaraderie. :)
Camaraderie can also come from being on a good marina. Good neighbours are invaluable. You might be fortunate enough to combine the 2, good neighbours on a good Club marina.
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