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Paul Baker

Feb 23, 2017
United States
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Mainship 390
I wanted to introduce myself, I just joined today.
I live in Kansas city (Go figure). Transplant from England.
Have dreams of moving to Florida within the year to learn about boating.
I'm totally green.
My objective is to spend a year learning and then buy a used Trawler.
I'm hoping to pick one up for around $60K.
Why Trawler? I like my comforts, don't really relish the idea of traveling everywhere at 30 degrees.
Myself and my new wife want to spend a year or more sailing around the Bahamas and Caribbean.
We figured this would be a good place to start - read the forums.
Any tips greatly appreciated.
Welcome aboard. Read, read, read. Take courses. Read. Post on TF. Ask questions. Read. Walk the docks. Go to boat shows.
Welcome aboard TF
I second what RTF said
Make the search fun...
Consider both Capt & MATE/ADMIRALS needs & wants.
Write your lists down and compare boats based on how well they match your lists vs how "nice" they look.
A big step is figuring out what type of cruising you will long...what type of waters...

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