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May 14, 2013
Just paid for the transportation portion of the purchase process on a Californian 34 LRC. Sea trial Friday weather permitting. All the thrill of finding just what you have been searching for and not enough money to buy it. But going to buy it anyway! May need a lifeline...Thanks, Bill
it's hard to say no when you find "the one"! We went over budget on ours too and haven't regretted it for a minute! WELCOME!!
Welcome! I hope you love the boat as much as we love ours. Juneau must be a beautiful place to boat.

Our vessel lived many of her first years in Alaska before being brought to CA. Stop by the Californian Builder's Forum sometime and show off pics of your new boat.
it's hard to say no when you find "the one"!

Same thing happened to us...and we didn't even know what we were looking for!

Congrats Bill and welcome to your newest addiction!! :thumb:

The boat was very poorly represented. The pictures were seven year old. The list of con's was pages and the boat really was a wreck stitched around a good Starboard engine. The owners lived on it two years. It must have been a hard two years. Oh well.
Ah well Bill, think of it as a lucky let-off. There are plenty more out there, especially in that type and size, so just keep looking. In the end your boat will find you. They do...don't they guys....?
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