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Oct 10, 2019
United States
Hello all,

My wife and I are just starting to research trawlers and the boating lifestyle. We were wondering if anyone has recommendations for different bare-boat charters that we could try to see if this is something we would really like to invest in. Kinda like kicking the tires a little before jumping in with both feet.

Mark and Patti
Welcome aboard. No affiliation but there is a trawler charter company in the Tampa area. I think it is Southwest Florida Yachts.
Mark and Patti,
You haven't given us much info to work with, but your idea of chartering to "try out" boating and even different "types" of boats is a good idea.
Depending on the size of boat you are considering, the budget, how often you would use it, guests regularly or not, etc. may change drastically any recommendations.
However, to "test out" several different basic layouts you might charter Nordic or American Tugs, Grand Banks, Defever, Monk, etc., looking for forward cabin, aft cabin, mid ship cabin, etc. twins or single, etc. so as to see what you like.
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